World fights diesel; Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler fight to save it

German automobile manufacturers try to save diesel cars AND their image amidst the Diesel scandal.

Disel Scandal
Diesel scandal


Across the globe: Countries across the globe are considering a ban on diesel cars because of the growing awareness of harmful effects of diesel fumes which has lead the consumers to rebuff diesel engine cars. To site a few examples, countries like Britain and France want to discontinue with the sale diesel cars. While Madrid and Athens plan on banning them altogether and automobile giants like Volvo are switching to electric vehicles.


In Germany: The scenario in Germany is in contrast to this worldwide aversion towards diesel. German auto executives and politicians are determined to save the diesel technology.

Why is diesel industry important to Germany? : Diesel is a largely German innovation and diesel run vehicles accounts for half the German automobile sector. The share of diesel cars in 2011 was 56%. And German automobile makers like Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz dominate auto sector throughout the world. Hence, these developments against diesel vehicles have threatened the German auto-giants as well as the hundreds of thousands of people it employs.

Diesel scandal: It was reported that Volkswagen , BMW, Daimler may have illegally colluded to save money by cutting corners the on emissions equipment. Volkswagen has admitted of illegally installing software in its diesel cars that helped to evade the standards for reducing smog. Volkswagen , Daimler and BMW face growing public outrage, in Germany as well as internationally , for misleading customers about harmful nitrogen oxides their cars produce everyday and for underplaying the effects of harmful diesel fumes.
The automakers could face huge financial penalties if they are held accountable for colluding to cut costs of emission equipments. Volkswagen has already been fined with more than $22 million for programming diesel cars to cheat the emission tests.

Political and automobile sector’s stand:
The German politicians and automakers stand firm to protect their diesel auto market. It was announced after a meeting between the politicians and the German auto executives that they have plans to update the software in 5 million cars to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, which is most harmful to human health.
The German automakers have also agreed to contribute 500 million euros for financing urban pollution reduction measures. BMW and Volkswagen has offered as bonus to anyone who trades in their old diesel cars for new electric or hybrid or a diesel cars that meets the latest emission standards. The automakers are of the view that the future has a place for state-of-the-art the art diesel  luxury cars. While the rest of the world marches in the direction towards a cleaner environment it seems like German automakers and politicians  will play with people’s  health and environment with their diesel state-of-the-art vehicles(which are harmful to your health, of course!)


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