Instrument panels these days are filled with digital gauges and multicoloured screens. Some consider the current scenario as a mess. U.S. auto supplier Visteon Corp say that automotive cockpits are crammed with navigation and entertainment systems and it has turned to be a rat’s nest of various parts. Efforts are being made to clean this clutter.
Visteon aims to make dashboards simple, cheap and light as the industry is moving towards a virtual cockpit – which will help in self-driving cars.
A research firm has estimated the cockpit electronics market to reach $62 billion by 2022. Other estimates suggest that electronics constitute 20% of the car’s value, which was around 13% two years ago.
Digital makeover
Visteon proposes a computer module – “SmartCore” as a solution. This controller handles the instrument cluster of the vehicle and various other systems such as the infotainment one all on a wee piece of silicon.
Cheaper, lighter smarter
Streamlined cockpits can help with the fuel efficiency. The reason being the load is not on the vehicle per se but on the ECU handling the task.


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