Electric vehicles are soon going to become the future of automobile industry and certainly, all of the car companies are aware of it and taking actions in the direction but Nissan is ahead of all. Nissan has been promoting the use of electric cars since 2010 and has launched Nissan Leaf which is one of the best selling electric car globally and has sold 300,000 units until now.

Nissan seeks its future in intelligent mobility with safe and comfortable rides with an exciting experience through the components of intelligent driving, intelligent power, and intelligent integration.

Last year, the Nissan announced its new technologies in the new Nissan Leaf at the motor show held at Tokyo. Representatives were given the privilege of driving the car at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University’s $3.6 million autonomous vehicles (AV) test center.

The new Leaf has better acceleration from the old one registering 320Nm/110kw and is very user-friendly for all levels of drivers. It can drive 400 km on a single charge. The e-pedal technology has been used in this car but the brake pedal becomes outdated. The brakes are applied automatically as soon as the foot is lifted up above the acceleration pedal. High-performance batteries have been used which have high capacity, high power, and is using new electrode materials.

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