Toyota to harness the potential of solid state batteries

The new car by Toyota will provide lower recharge times and a longer electric range

Toyota to harness the potential of solid state batteries

Recharge times and battery capacity are the major gripes around electric vehicles pertaining to current generation. Motorists are not ready to comply with electric vehicles since they would have to ditch their cars powered by petrol or diesel which would lead to a fall in performance.

Toyota is working on a new technology which would help solve these issues.

Chinchi Shimbum first reported this latest development. It could mark a notable development in the car industry pertaining to electric vehicles. Moreover, this development should suffice in convincing motorists to switch.

Solid state batteries will be used in the new electric car. This car will be built on a new platform and it will consist of batteries which recharge in minutes.

The Li – ion batteries are currently used in electric vehicles. They require twenty to four hundred minutes for recharging at best. The range that these vehicles offer lies between hundred to two hundred and fifty miles. These figures are not even close to those offered by fuel powered cars.

The company, Toyota, plans to get this model in the market by 2022. It plans to start selling it Japan by that time.

The Japanese car company already manufactures plenty of hybrid and electric vehicles. The most notable model would be – The Prius. The Prius does well under super hot weather when compared to most conventional cars. Thus we know that the company has a know – how about battery technology. The release of the statement banning petrol and diesel cars in the UK have ignited a spark amongst many companies. The government officials in UK want all cars to be electric by then.


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