The sale of petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2040

Polluting vehicles will be taken off road to diminish their effect on degrading air quality.

The sale of petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2040

The levels of nitrogen oxide in the air around can pose a major risk to public health. Thus, new cars and vans running on petrol and diesel would be banned by Britain. This move is a part of the government efforts to enhance the air quality.
A similar pledge is followed in France. The government also announced that this move will also consider hybrid vehicles. Such measures are required to curb the air pollution which was detrimental to people’s health.

A series of “clean air zones”(CAZ) will be implemented and charges will be introduced on vehicles which enter them. They plan to levy such taxes only as the last option.
The biggest environmental risk to public health in the UK is poor air quality. The government is inclined to reduce this risk and making strong moves to tackle this issue.
New funding is being provided to councils to accelerate development. A three billion programme is being implemented to make the dirty air around the roads clearer.
The much awaited final plan was due end of this month. It comes after a draft report which the environmental lawyers are unhappy with.
Michael Gove, the environment secretary, presented the final document on Wednesday. This comes after moths of legal wrangling.
Specific areas where the thresholds have been breached by the EU is something which is heavily focused in this plan. A country-wide in London is something that many people desired. In London there was a ‘T-Charge’ which will be levied on the most polluting vehicles every weekday. This consists of 10,000 of the oldest cars.
Altering of features, retrofitting buses and changing road layouts are some of the measures which were brought by the local authorities. Altering features includes speed humps and roundabouts.
There will also be an inclusion of reprogramming the traffic lights. The councils will be heavily funded to help them take such measures faster.


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