Tesla Model 3 : The wait comes to an end …

The company is set to deliver the first model this Friday.

Tesla Model 3 : The wait comes to an end

The production of is Tesla Model 3 is on and it is expected to deliver the first one on Friday. This will lead to a raft of changes for people driving electric vehicles. This will change the way people drive, now they would be focusing on the battery meter in place of the fuel gauge. Another change that one can expect will be the replacement of them visiting the gas station. This will be replaced by charging the car in the night. Changing the speed be it increasing or slowing it down can both be done by the accelerator itself. Lifting your foot from the pedal causes the car to slow down.

It will take some time to acclimatize with this system. In the usual car, wasted heat is generated by the kinetic energy of the speeding car. However, it is not the same in case of electric cars. The electric motor utilizes a generator which recovers previously wasted energy to aid the battery rather to top up.


Based on the amount of regeneration permitted by the engineers whilst designing the car, the force built up could suffice to stop the car. In a Tesla the owner can decide the amount of lifting off needed to slow the car using the giant touch screen.

Nissan would be introducing the ‘full one pedal driving’ in Leaf, which is the latest iteration of the electric car expected to debut later this year. It would be the first automaker in the industry to introduce this concept. There would be an option for ‘e-Pedal’. The pedals in the car would have the same look but the brake would be rendered useless. Most controls would be computerized replacing the traditional accelerator extra functions. Lifting off would bring the car to a halt and not just slow it down. The same would occur on hills to without rolling backwards.


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