Tesla Model 3 revolutionizing the current scenario in the auto industry

Lane guidance, self - parking abilities, traffic speed matching and the company's 'summon' are bringing a revolution in the auto industry

Tesla model 3

Tesla Model 3 ok

There’s more than just the key which plays a role in making the Tesla Model 3 unique. Here’s what we learned over the weekend:

Battery is available in two versions:

The Tesla Model 3 will be available in two versions. The base model would cost thirty five thousand USD and has a battery which provides a range of two hundred and twenty miles. It goes from zero to sixty mph in five point six seconds and has a top speed of 130 mph. There is a facility to ‘supercharge’ it. This allows a range of a hundred and thirty miles in 30 minutes. The charging rate, using a  240V, 32A home charger, is 30 miles per hour.


There is another range – extended version available for the customers. This costs forty four thousand USD and allows a travel of three hundred and ten miles per charge. It goes from zero to sixty mph in five point one seconds with a top speed of a hundred and forty mph. Using the ‘supercharge’ feature, in thirty minutes we can reach a charge of a hundred and seventy miles. It charges at a rate of thirty seven miles per hour using a 240V, 40A home charger.

The absence of instruments in front of the driver, just a fifteen inch touchscreen

Battery gauge, speedometer and all those elements in front of the driver have been replaced by a large fifteen inch touchscreen. This is located in the middle, displaying a virtual instrument cluster which informs us about the various cabin controls, assists in mapping and has the entertainment controls.

Tesla Model S has a 17 inch touchscreen, having a portrait orientation unlike the Model 3 which has a landscape orientation.

The provision for ‘Enhanced Autopilot’

The diving assistance package of the company is now revised and the new version is called – ‘Enhanced Autopilot’. An array of sensors are involved in enabling the autopilot, to control the vehicle. The Drive PX2, a powerful Nvidia processor, seven cameras, ultrasonic sensors and forward – facing radar sensors are the ones involved in decision making. This feature is not available free of cost. To enable this, the buyer will have to shed an additional sum of five thousand USD. Lane guidance, self – parking abilities, traffic speed matching and the company’s ‘summon’ are some of the features provided in the upgrade.


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