Tata MotorsOne of the largest automotive manufacturing company, member of Tata Group and owner of Jaguar LandRover, and one of the biggest face of Tata Brand. Tata Group a multinational conglomerate with a lot of resources and research banking across all domains.Tata Motors

Making a product isn’t easy especially when the product is a Automobile. Tata Motors is one such vehicle manufacturer who has pioneered in the art of making vehicles that are not only meant for passengers but also for commercial segment. Tata’s have gone much ahead after owning Jaguar LandRover, the ideology that Tata named as TAMO reflects the capabilities, In Geneva Motor Show TAMO showcased RACEMO, a sports car designed by TMETC(Tata Motors European Research Center) and Tata Motors India. We all know Tata’s have huge resources and can really make promises happen. Tata Motors can not only use the indigenous research and technology but also pool resources from other Tata Groups if they wish to make something happen.

One such great challenge is designing a viable  Electric Cars like Tesla’s but at lower price. We all know Indian cities rank quite high in pollution levels, and many of them rank in top 10 most polluted cities with the Air turned highly toxic and unbreathable. One of the many methods that can turn things around is bringing Electric Cars and clean energy so as to reduce pollution levels.

If we say in terms of resources there are only a few conglomerates and Tata’s will lead them all with companies in all diverse areas. Let have a look what companies are doing within Tata and are they really capable to take up a challenge and delivering an electric car that’s made for masses and a tough contender to Tesla.

Things happening within Tata Group related to Automotive and Advance technologies.

Tata Steel: 

  • Leading supplier of minerals for production of Battery Cases.
  • More than 60% of Automobiles in India use Tata Steel.
  • Innovator of lower-carbon steel using a groundbreaking technology called HIsarna Tata Steelcurrently getting developed at its IJmuiden steelworks in the Netherlands. HIsarna has the potential to reduce energy use and carbon emissions by at least 20 percent, as well as reducing steelmaking costs through lower-priced raw materials, up to half of which could be recycled scrap steel.
  • Manufacturer of High-performance Electric Steel for Electric Motor and advanced plating for Batteries.
  • Supplying steel for development of electric infrastructure, and Charging Units.

TATA AutoComp GY Batteries Pvt. Ltd:

  • TATA AutoComp Systems Ltd, India’s leading auto component manufacturer and GS Yuasa International-Japan which is one of the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer.
  • Partnered GS Yuasa International famous for its battery technology has developed batteries that deliver double range than the equivalent sized lithium-ion battery and promises to go into mass production by 2020 for that technology.
  • Developing batteries that are 90 Percent recyclable.
  • Supplier of Batteries of e-rickshaws.

Jaguar LandRover:

  • Jaguar LandRover has already put it out that they are only going to make electric and hybrid cars after 2020.JLR
  • Tata Motors and Jagur LandRover have started working jointly on developing batteries for electric vehicle.
  • Jaguar LandRover runs research across many universities for Battery research and Motor Technologies.
  • Delivered

Tata Motors:

Tata Power:

  • Tata Power is India’s largest integrated power company with a significant international presence.
  • The business of Tata Power is to  generate, transmit and distribute electricity.
  • Present in  India, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa and Bhutan.
  • Installs their first Electric Vehicle charging station at Tata Power Receiving Station at Vikhroli, Mumbai.
  • Plans to install numerous electric car charging stations across Mumbai.
  • Tata Power

Tata Elxsi And TCS:

  • Known for their services in Automotive Electronics, Body Styling,Cabin Design, Infotainment, Validation and Testing.
  • Tata Elxsi and TCS have exclusive design centers for JLR.

With all said, Its quite evident that Tata Motors along with the Tata Group not only has all the resources for developing a cost-effective electric car and the necessary infrastructure but also the capabilities to think about the impact of automotive pollution at a very micro level and develop technologies like HIsarna  to reduce the pollution over the entire lifecycle of the vehicle. With all the research pooling across Tata Group, It’s certain that if taken as a challenge, they have the capability to develop infrastructure and a  cost-effective electric vehicle for masses with far greater mileage than other vehicles in the Indian market.



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