TATA Motors, in collaboration with Jayem Automotives, is set to launch an electric version of TATA NANO as Jayem Neo. It will be available from 28th November 2017, probably unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Ratan Tata in Hyderabad.

Jayem Automotives has entered into a Joint Venture with TATA Motors to manufacture TATA NANO based electric cars out of which, the first batch of 400 cars will be supplied to OLA Cabs in New Delhi.

This might turn out to be a nice move in the national capital because of the increasing pollution, which is a major concern these days. TATA Motors will be supplying the body shells without the engine, Jayem Automotives will manufacture and sell the car under its name.

Tata Steel

For now, it will be available for fleet-only option. has planned to re-launch a more powerful electric version later under TATA Motors as well for personal buyers.

Jayem will source the electric powertrain from Electra EV, a one-stop shop for providing solutions electrified vehicle space. The Neo will be driven by a 48-Volt electric system that puts out 17kW, which is a modest output for a car weighing around 800kg.Tata Motors Electric

The ARAI cycle range  200km on a full charge, which drops to around 140km with four persons and air-conditioning. Neo will be a Jayem branded car without any TATA badge, however, it will have ‘powered by Electra EV’ badges on its side.

Since there is no word on the price of the vehicle, it would be very interesting to know whether the 1 lakh price still continues with the electrified version of the car for which it was famous.

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