As the autonomous vehicles are being advanced day by day by various new inventions and achievements the risk of hackers taking control of the major systems is also becoming real, we have seen hackers able to hack the braking systems of an vehicle by using an Mp3 file.  Hackers are now giving a hard time to banks and exchanges, we have seen hacks in the crypo-wallets and exchanges which are having top of the line security systems. Vehicles connected through the internet puts vehicles at greater risks and might even lead to mass exploitation or hacking of the connected cars.

It is said that the industry’s rush to develop self-driving cars can create bigger problems. To make the car self-drive in the environment safely extra computer sensors, improved Internet connection has been added which invites more serious problems and would open the entry points for the hackers.

Collaborations are pouring into eliminating this risk one such collaboration of  Panasonic and Trend Micro which aims at developing technologies which can eliminate the risk of hacking of the autonomous vehicles. This partnership aims at developing cyber-security solutions to make autonomous vehicles more safe and prevent getting attacked by hackers by introducing some technologies which can detect and prevent intrusions into electronic control units (ECUs) – the computer systems that manage driving behaviours such as acceleration, steering, and braking – as well as into in-vehicle infotainment devices, navigation systems, and telematics devices.

The firms are going to use Panasonic’s Control Area Network (CAN) intrusion detection systems which can detect and prevent the unauthorized command sent to ECU. They will also use Trend Micro’s IoT technology which provides the solution for devices which are connected outside the vehicle. This technology accesses Trend Micro’s global security intelligence and malware analysis functions.Attacks identified by both the systems can be mixed and sent to a new system which can block the interference of any unwanted source.

To eliminate the risk of hacking entirely, a new proposal should be made for the CAN which is updated according to the new needs of the vehicles and should be adopted and implemented. Specific measures have to be taken to achieve success in this process of which this can be a step.

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