Smuggling Oranges. The reason given is funny.

Smuggling oranges in Passenger Cars.

A compact was pulled over this week in Seville, Spain by the cops and they discovered tons of stolen oranges being smuggled. The car was packed with oranges from top to bottom with oranges. Later they pulled out another car which was traveling close to this car and that was also filled up with oranges to the brim. When they tried to pull the cars over, they took off. A short chase through a dirt road followed.

Later, they also found a truck which was all packed with oranges.

Altogether, the oranges weighed four tons.

The drivers claimed that they were coming from very far and they have been collecting oranges on their way but the cops did not buy this. Later it was found out that the oranges were stolen from a shipment.

The cops charged those five people – a couple, their adult son, and two brothers – with theft.


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