Smart display market to grow drastically in the years to come

This market will be ruled by Center stack touch screen

Smart display market to grow drastically in the years to come

Owing to research in technology we can see that the automotive display applications have changed a lot in the recent years. Need for more comfort functions and in-vehicle safety have been the catalysts in this growth. Some countries these days have mandatory GPS systems or passenger cars to have rear view sensors. These would further add to the demand of modern center stack touch screen displays. China, India, Brazil and Russia are cost sensitive car markets.

Efforts are being made to increase the consumer demands in economic passenger cars for center stack touch screen displays. A steady growth would be experienced in the segments like heavy duty vehicles and light duty vehicles for center stack touch screen displays.

The Smart Display Market considers sizes in the range of six to ten inches for automotives as the largest segment. In-vehicle displays for light duty vehicles account for a steady rise in the demand for this particular size. Multimedia and Navigation functions are integrated in this center stack touch screen sized between six to ten inches. 7 inch displays are preferred for these display units owing to enhancements in advanced instrument cluster. The ever-increasing novelties in the field of electric and autonomous vehicles will increase the demand of the same.
Sales and production auto hubs such as India and China, better known as the Asia-Oceania region, will be the largest market for these displays. This being because the production and demand are directly related to demand for smart displays. Japan, a country which has a growing demand for such tech in the cockpit, also falls in the same in the same region.

It also has companies like LG Display, Kyocera Corp. and Japan Display Inc. among others. These companies play a role in the manufacturing of key automotive display panels.
Thus, with the migration of automobile manufacturing plants towards developing countries, companies which are into manufacturing automotive display applications are now focusing on these markets.


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