It is unnerving when a car possesses intellectual superiority as compared to us. But this is something we would have to get used to in the near future. The latest-5-series brings the most technological and smartest BMW till date. It comprises of a neuro-robotic mind which anticipates, adapts and responds to many things which one would encounter on the road.

For example, it features ‘Intelligent parking’, an update of a similar feature i.e. the auto-park package. The auto-park package first featured in the BMW i8, which was revolutionary. It brought to reality a dream of somewhere you could come out of your car and ask the car to park itself. Although this might not always work. For once in an attempt to do so a user encountered an issue where the car stood still mid way and after repeated attempts, a message flashed –   “Park the car yourself.”

This car has a lot more of tech to offer and is considered as a very advanced autonomous driving set-up. Steering, acceleration, and braking at speeds of 130mph is something the car can do for itself.

If one was to ignore these technical issues, it is a brilliant vehicle which rides very well. There have been more than 40 years vested in the development and without any doubt each iteration keeps getting better.

The car, sporting a smooth profile unlike the aggressive has corners smoothened to give it a more smart casual look. It now looks less formal and is subtly softened if one was to make a comparison with the outgoing model.

The interior of the car is classy and sitting in it is pleasurable. Handling and controls are very intuitive and entertaining. Driving to the shops they keep you engaged and interested. The 5-series is lighter, more efficient and faster making it one of the complete all-round cars to purchase, provided one doesn’t ask it to park itself.



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