Samsung expects massive boost in Auto revenue on self-driving cars

Samsung Autonomous Car

Samsung expects big from Autonomous Car Market.

Samsung Electronics is expecting their sale in the auto industry to quadruple by the middle of the next decade. Young Sohn, the President and Chief Strategy Officer at Samsung, shares the revenue from the car industry, currently to be $5 Billion, but he believes cars offer one of the best long-term growth opportunities for the company.

Samsung Autonomous Car Research
Samsung Autonomous Car Research

For now, the company is making $200 billion in revenue, but it intends to increase the portion by $20 billion by 2025. Recently Samsung took a step forward by purchasing Harman International Industries. Now it is in the process of making a new ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) strategic business unit run by John Absmeier.

According to Sohn, autonomous driving can become the standard of the industry and it might also need an investment of several hundred million dollars. The company believes that it is the time when they need to shift towards electric, connected and autonomous vehicles.

By harmonizing interfaces and designing an inter-operable software, third parties can independently develop components and applications. That way car-makers can simply swap in whatever best-in-class components are available in the market without having to redesign or repackage the vehicle.This approach would allow autonomous driving technology to be deployed much more cost-effectively and bring to market functionalities that would otherwise take many years to debut.

At the Frankfurt auto show, Samsung’s prototype system was displayed which looked a lot like a small laptop computer, but it’s designed to take a lot more punishment. It might be called as a more advanced version of zFAS, which controls the Audi A8’s Level 3 driving features. For the time being, it can transfer 6 gigabits of data per second between dozens of electronic control units, but Samsung wants to boost up its speed.

Samsung Hardware for Autonomous Driving
Samsung Hardware for Autonomous Driving

To offer automakers the greatest possible flexibility, Samsung’s scalable principle is relatively simple. For example, one unit would suffice to achieve Level 3 functionality. For higher levels of autonomous driving, manufacturers can simply add units until they meet their needs. This could give a vehicle computing power ranging from 20 to 200 teraflop. Samsung has also recently launched fund of 300Million dollars to support startups and projects within Samsung to fuel its capabilities in Autonomous Driving space.

Samsung also has got the approvals from California DMV to test its Autonomous driving Cars on the streets of California.

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