Hyundai Mobis: Reverse Technology.

Now autonomously steer the car in reverse. Hyundai Mobis said it has developed reverse-driving support technology that autonomously steers when a car goes backwards based on the recorded forward movements.

Different Approach

When the whole industry was focussed on autonomous driving technology, expensive cameras, lidar and radar sensors, Hyundai Mobis came up with the creative idea of utilizing the existing sensors of a car to use all these equipment in the reverse driving technology without having to add expensive sensors, improving both versatility and price competitiveness.


Hyundai Mobis is a global tier-1 automotive supplier. It was established in 1977 and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. The corporate philosophy is to become a lifetime partner with technologies for automobiles and people.


According to Hyundai Mobis, this technology autonomously steers a car in reverse parking, but this is the first system when there is a technology that autonomously steers a car when the car goes back to the location from which it came. The technology is different from the autonomous reverse parking technology that is already available enabling a car to park itself into a bay because it focuses more on touchless reverse steering. The technology measures the vehicle’s speed, moving distance and steering degrees by using sensors when the car is moving forward and applies the measurements inversely to support autonomous backward driving.

It is expected that this new technology will reduce the difficulties of reverse driving, which is particularly challenging to inexperienced drivers. Hyundai Mobis’ reverse drive support tech grasps external environments through real-time driving information.

The company is now planning to develop a complete reverse driving technology that supports both starting and braking by adding cameras and radar sensors. Hyundai Mobis says that they will be developing more of such kind of technologies which help in reducing the difficulties which the drivers face in a car, hence offering more ease and convenience.

Hyundai Mobis has mass-produced a great number of ADAS technologies and green car components.

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