Engineers and startups are now trying to shift the focus to technology that they say could help avoid future self-driving collisions, particularly as more and more autonomous vehicles are expected to be launched very soon in the future.

One such startup is Renovo Auto, a Silicon Valley company that has established and industrialized an operating system that incorporates all the software needed to run a fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Renovo Aware is the first operating system built specially for automated mobility. A-Ware delivers powerful interfaces for today’s most advanced self-driving software with an ecosystem of partners and technology to assist for speed development. Truly vehicle uncertainty, A-Ware ensures cross-platform portability. A-Ware powered vehicles command hundreds of sensors producing multiple terabytes of data each hour on a safe, secure, and accessible platform established in extremely challenging environments. A sophisticated data transposition layer guarantees a dependable and high-performance flow of data to help train algorithms and enhance operations. Renovo works with a wide range of chief companies who are working to develop and organize fleets of highly automated vehicles at scale.

Personal transportation in these urban areas is eventually judged on convenience and cost. Automated Mobility on Demand (AMoD) fleets of vastly skilled automated vehicles as a service is the optimal solution. It will save lives, reduce crowding, improve air quality and enhance the energy efficiency.

Renovo is licensing and authorizing its technology to yet another self-driving startup -this time iPod in its offer to sell a platform that will assist companies to organize commercial fleets of fully automated vehicles. Renovo is not developing the AI that allows the autonomous vehicles to steer city streets. Instead, Renovo has established an operating system called A-Ware OS designed precisely for the commercial deployment of fully automated vehicles. Now Renovo is starting to license its technology to companies that want to deploy autonomous vehicle services.

The message that Renovo is trying to deliver is that you don’t have to be a vertically integrated company to deploy a self-driving car service.

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