Last few years were quite fascinating seeing the car drive by itself was not less of a marvel. Things are different now, I still remember  a car that would take me to an experience of death if commanded so. But ‘as said’ things are different now, they think, they perceive , they communicate, they are true companions of law its true to say even if you plan to act dumb and try death your car might sure try to save you. So next time you try act smart while on a drive with your friends, remember “the car” you might be seated  in might be fully capable to take your intelligence head-on, so my advise lock your ego with that seat-belt.

Its true to say that the present automotive isn’t just about putting few things together or marring engine with chassis. To the true sense its now about marring ‘car with intelligence’. “Marriage of car and driver”, if we understand this problem the world is not after making a car but to make near perfect driver. Because this driver can be ported to any car with minor tweaking you will be all set to roll. It will be not a shocker to say that a car can drive itself because Car Manufacturers have already Self driving cars on roads with millions of miles to their credit.

Alright Alright! lets sit back and say we have a build a car that understands things around me and has a perception and understanding better than me. But what next, can the next be solving me, Yes “ME”. So the problem boils to making a system that understands me(ME Problem).

This might sound absurd to say now but the pace we progressing in AI we aren’t far from the time when AI rises above ours “I” and cracks the “ME problem”. Singularity supremacy and whatnot.

“Chat-bots”, Basically chat-bots are computer programs that have the ability to converse with humans in form of chat. With increasing usage of messenger’s, whatsapp, Skype etc people are more inclined in natural methods of getting the problems solved. What makes this much complicated is understanding and answering the off-shelf question with correct answer. Chat-bots can be trained for particular/Most asked questions, but what gives them  value is understanding the actual input message/intent, in-actual humans by asking questions and understanding the nature of answers thus making a profile of that person, or a computer generated binary representation of your behavior/problems.

Recently  “Tata Capital Financial Services” increased lead generation by 600% by using their all new chatbot. This Chatbot is powered by a virtual agent(VI), so this chatbot understands and responds to the individual queries of each customer, is available 24/7, can communicate in good language. This chatbot not only gives product information but also handles sales,after sales, and application tracking. It can now handle 70 percent of the queries thus saving a lot of human intervention. what more can be noted is that  AI understands customers better in this case.

AI is effective,ME problem is flake, AI is truth,AI is overhyped, AI beats humans in most challenging Alpha Go game and what not. No conclusions drawn, good or bad its a reality and is inevitable.

All the content in this article is my own understanding about AI, This article might not reflect the true statistics of examples.

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