German car-maker Porsche is electrifying its whole range of cars by 2022 and has said that it will double its investment to more than 6 million in developing hybrid and fully electric cars over the coming years. The increased budget will enable the company to modify various areas like a new paint shop and a dedicated assembly area along with a conveyor bridge in the factory. The engine plant and body shop are also in a process to be expanded so as to accommodate the electric power-train.

Along with all this happening, the car-maker will be investing 500 million euros in the Mission E electric car. It is claimed that the car will produce over 600BHP and will be able to accelerate from 0 km/hr to 100 km/hr in just 3.5 secs and will be able to brake and accelerate repeatedly without any issues and any degradation in its further performance. It is also claimed that the car will offer 500 km with a single charge. To run at a range of 400 km at a single charge that too within 15 minutes, it will use an 800V system. It has also resulted in a great number of job opportunities.

It is also said that Porsche might get into an alliance with Ford, Mercedes, Audi, BMW to set up rapid chargers along the main highways in Europe. The joint venture aims to set up around 400 rapid chargers by 2020. Hence it is looking for dealerships in Europe and is about to do the same in the USA and looking forward to 189 dealer partners over there. Recently the company installed 6 rapid chargers in Atlanta at the Porsche Experience Centre.

Porsche as an electric vehicle company is hard to think but we have driven some plug-in hybrid cars like Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. Expect more plug-ins of Porsche’s traditional models, as well as many permutations of the Mission E, and a company that’s trying to maintain its heritage as all automakers electrify.

This investment is a part of VW’s group-wide drive to speed the p introduction of battery-powered vehicles. Despite the increase in the cost of manufacturing the cars, they would look forward to keeping a profit margin of at least 15% over the years.



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