This periodic table shows you what your car is really made of

Back to basics, Understanding Automotive components and sources.

Cars are the revolutionary system. Using dozens of systems and thousands of individual part, the harmony is brought on to make the car work. And when we use complex parts different materials are used to manufacture them individually and perform their function to their best.

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GMB, the general trade union of UK, has combined a periodic table consisting of elements which are repeatedly used in the manufacturing of automobiles. It is shocking not to see any einsteinium or seaborgium being used in the manufacturing process instead Bismuth and phosphorus are most commonly used for painting purposes.

Titanium and lithium being the most common in the production of the automobiles. Some of the left out materials include Xenon, which was then used in HID light but now being replaced by LED lights. Silicon which is proven to be a prime ingredient in glass and various electronics’ parts used in the vehicle and iridium which is more and more prevalent in spark plugs in modern high-performance vehicles.

As the technology changes and improves there will be more elements added to the periodic table.

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