Oracle Won Lawsuit against Google

Oracle won the multi-billion dollar case against Google as announced by Oracle last week. In 2010, Google was accused of using Oracle’s Java API Technology, illegally, to develop its Android Mobile OS( Operating System). Initially, Oracle sought for $9 billion but over time the value has gone up but has not been mentioned. The case will now be heard by the US judge in San Francisco, which will further decide that how much Google owes Oracle.

Android mobile OS runs on billions of devices globally and when an open source software or resource generates a significant amount, it does attract attention, as is in the case of Google. The Federal appeals court weighed Google’s copying 11,000 lines of Java code and its usage at the core of OS is not fair.  This helped Google in earning $61.3 billion in 2018 from $37.6 billion in 2016 as revenue. And as it is heard, Oracle might even get loyalty for Google using Java which would, in turn, give a boost to the company’s stock which is really needed at this time.



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