Nvidia and Volvo both are in pursuit of achieving the best of this autonomous business, with Nvidia leading the pack by providing the top end Drive PX2 chips for fastest performance for driverless vehicles and on the other hand Volvo’s upper hand on the Autonomous technologies and AI, this partnership means a lot in terms of achieving good results with good hardware and software merging together.

Nvidia is the biggest manufacturer of graphic processing chips is now collaborating with most of the Automotive manufacturers to create the market and introduce all the development on their platforms. Nvidia has collaborated with more than 50 Car Manufacturers and Automotive Electronics manufacturers.

So far Nvidia has good results to their credit with Tesla, Ford, Toyota, BMW and many best tier one’s collaborating to achieve full autonomy. Nvidia might be a new player in this space of Automotive Electronics space but has already made a great start and is expected to dominate this space for hardware related to Autonomous Vehicles.

With Nvidia testing their own algorithms in their drive PX boards, a parallel development/ skill development of Nvidia is also at place, this means Nvidia is looking a lot on this tech going forward and might even come up with libraries related to Autonomous driving to make it much efficient and less complicated.





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