It has been recently announced that Arm and Nvidia are coming up together to bring Artificial Intelligence to most of the IoT(Internet Of Things) devices. This all happened when they announced their various new products to be launched at its annual GPU Technology Conference(GTU) in San Jose last week. They will be actually introducing deep learning in the products which is a part of Artificial Intelligence which sorts the data into multiple layers so that the computer can understand the commands properly without making any mistake.

IoT refers to the use of actuators and sensors through which various physical objects can be brought under the same network.
The amount of data received can be used to analyze the product and improve its performance, services, and operations.
NVIDIA and U.K.-based Arm are partnering to bring deep-learning to the billions of mobile, consumer electronics, and the Internet of Things devices that are soon expected to enter the global marketplace. Deep Learning can be seen as a type of machine learning which tries to mimic how the human brain processes data and creates patterns for use in decision making.
Nvidia’s GPU tech is now being adopted by many of the companies to be used in many of their applications. For machine learning, NVIDIA and Arm are going to integrate the open-source NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) architecture into Arm’s Project Trillium platform. This would further make it easy for the IoT chip manufacturers to install AI in their chips which might further increase the growth of smart products.
In the future, Inferencing would become the core capability of the IoT devices, as stated by the General Manager at Autonomous Machines at NVIDIA.

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