Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises is in process of formulating the National Automotive Policy in India soon. “Press Release” The Department of Heavy Industry is looking forward to this road map for emission standards and other commercial viable technologies.

The policy aims at a series of various long-term plans which are required to be fulfilled soon, like defining the emission standards which will be applicable after BS-VI with a target of harmonizing with the most stringent global standards by 2028, across all vehicle Image result for Ministry of Heavy Industriessegments. This will, in turn, help the industries to define their requirements and help the various agencies, out in the market, for testing the facilities provided and the further development of skills further giving a thought on the long-term investments.

With the help of CAFE(Corporate Average Fuel Economy) and working according to their regulations the companies are also trying to reduce the CO2 emission in the environment by introducing electric vehicles which have minimal emissions.

The road map targets at setting the CO2 emission per person as a step towards reducing the CO2 content in the air by 2020. It aims at matching the CO2 standards with the developed countries. There might be the introduction of length and emission based criteria for taxation of vehicles but as per now, the taxation systems varies according to the size, engine displacement, length, ground clearance and engine type. It will replace the criteria which will then be based on the amount of CO2 released and length.

In the next three years, harmonization of AIS and BIS standards on safety-critical parts according to the various standards and global benchmarks.

Fast Track adoption of Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program will be done soon according to the policy. The policy tends at improving the skill development training eco-system, increase accountability of ASDC and implement a Labor Market Information System.

The policy also aims at the way of cargo transportation being done and to implement a much cost-effective method such as coastal shipping or maybe railways.

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