Aston Martin, the British luxury sports car manufacturer, is focusing on cybersecurity issues first and then later would be launching autonomous cars in the nearby future. But one would not expect this from an automobile company to focus on cybersecurity issues rather than manufacturing high-end autonomous cars, for which it is known.

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Recently Aston Martin made a statement which said that it would set up the launch of autonomous cars in the very future, but first, it would focus on the cybersecurity issues which would help in the process of unconstrained powertrains. Some other British manufacturers have also come on board and stated that it will also focus on electric vehicles and unconstrained cars to provide a smoother and comfortable experience.

The CEO of the McLaren stated that the very near future would experience the unconstrained powertrains and electric vehicles and would implement in their automobiles. Since a long time, there has been a rumor of autonomous cars being manufactured by the company but it turned out not to be true enough. But for a brand like this, it is very unlikely not to receive such a product in this era. The CEO stated that they will be introducing autonomy in their automobiles but embraced by all the safety features, legislation, and emissions. From this, we can make out that the car owner is not aiming at fully autonomous cars on the roads anytime soon. But it will be introducing automatic emergency braking systems and adaptive cruise control into its vehicles.

McLaren is looking for more advanced safety features which should be implemented in the future sports cars. The spokesperson for the company said that they deliver entertainment and not transportation so they will be delivering entertainment along with autonomy and safety.

Autonomous cars are still not in the store for the company but they are looking forward to electric vehicles. Very soon most of the cars would be electrified by McLaren but half of it would be a petrol-electric hybrid.

An electric supercar, embedded with all the features of hybrid powertrains is in the process of manufacturing and driver assist technology in the future store for manufacturing.

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