Autonomous vehicles are stepping their foot in every sort of vehicles, now its the turn of logistics. It is not as pleasing and exciting as others but is one of the most important ones. The marine shipping industry which is one of the biggest and oldest industries of the world is ready for it.

Two major Norwegian shipping companies are working to build an autonomous shipping venture called Massterly. The autonomous ship is termed as Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship by Wilhelmson and Kongsberg, the two companies which striving to see this ship over the seas in the near future.

These companies are trying to put shipping to a whole new level, an advanced one by making its ships fully electronic and autonomous container ships, known to be the Yara Birkeland.


It’s a modest vessel by shipping terms 250 feet long and capable of carrying 120 containers and will be capable of loading, navigating and unloading without a crew. Each has major radar and lidar units, visible light and IR cameras, satellite connectivity and so on. The control centers will be on land and the ships will be administered there and they can even be taken for manual intervention if necessary.

In the starting, there will be limited trials for the ship, and the range would be 12 miles, shuttling between Larvik, Brevik, and Heroya.

As said by the CEO of Wilhelmson, Norway has taken the opportunity to build the first-ever fully electric and autonomous ships. The next step would be establishing infrastructure and services to design and operate vessels, as well as advanced logistics solutions associated with maritime autonomous operations. With Massterly, the costs of shipping will be reduced and be applicable to all companies that have a transport need.

The Yara Birkeland is expected to be delivered by 2020 though Massterly should be operating as a company by the end of the year.


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