Mahindra Electric cars formerly known as Reva is the only Indian manufacturer who has been in the business of making electric cars for a very long time. Mahindra who has lost against Tata in the recent bidding of the government order of 10000 electric Cars is struggling hard to push the sales of their electric cars. Currently, Mahindra sells e-Verito, e20 plus, and e-Supro cars under its electrified category. In last 7 Months, Mahindra was able to sell only 600 cars, when the production of the cars is 100 per Month.

With the diminishing sales figures, Mahindra hopes that the figures will improve with people getting more aware and growth in the infrastructure for Electric cars going to happen in near future. Mahindra is keen on expanding in this segment with more and more people turning up with the electric cars.

Mahindra has recently announced two new electric models which are expected to be launched in India by 2019.

Dr. Pawan Goenka, the managing director at Mahindra & Mahindra mentioned that they will be releasing the first electric car model by 2018 and the second one will be launched by 2019. However, the details of the two products were not shared. We may get a look at the organization’s plan at the 2018 car Expo.

The two cars will be based on the current models and the company will be investing ₹600 crores to manufacture these cars. The two cars might be exported from which is a step towards the economy of our country and this also means that the company is going to increase the production.

Mahindra may also add up the features compared to the current electric lineup from Mahindra. With more and more advent of Automotive Electronics and features, Mahindra can take a chance by playing with features that can be easily introduced to electric cars than IC Engine Counterparts.

The two models are more likely to be based on the old vehicle lineups,

1- Mahindra e2OPlus

Mahindra Reva
Mahindra e20 Plus


2- Mahindra KUV100 NXT

Mahindra KUV100
Mahindra KUV100

For now, 100 EV’s are manufactured in a day and the production is going to increase up to 1,000 cars per day in the next coming six months, which would further be extended to 5,000 units by 2019. Mahindra’s KUV100 seems to be a good option for getting an electric makeover due to its small size and lighter body.








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