The maker of an ultra-efficient light-powered AI chip, Lightmatter recently announced that it will be investing $11 million in the production of the industry’s first chip to take advantage of the unique properties of light for enabling fast and efficient inference and training engines. Recently Stan Reiss from Matrix and Santo Politi from Spark have joined the company’s board of directors.

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Lightmatter is one of the leading brands innovating in the chip industry and not many companies are looking forward to any new innovation in the chip industry. No other company, for now, can overstate the innovations of Lightmatter. It is constantly working forward to introduce AI into our lives. The people have already started feeling it in their lives at a basic level but it is still the Level 1 of artificial intelligence and it is expected to grow with time. For such changes in our lives, we need big leaps in our lives to get forward in computational power.

Artificial Intelligence is extensively used in our daily lives most of the applications depend on it,  powering products ranging from online advertising to intelligent personal assistants. The AI models for these products are trained using large datasets. Demand for advanced computer technologies will keep on growing day by day and the need for faster and more energy efficient computers will increase, this is where Lightmatter comes in the light, which constantly struggles to give the best it can.

PHOTONIC LOGICRecently Lightmatter has created a chip which uses light signals instead of electric signals for processing, which is thus faster than the rest. A new form of AI technology was demonstrated using this kind of chip. It uses the existing technologies to give the best orders of magnitude performance improvements. The denser the chips get, the more we get close to what  Moore stated. The current chips are not only denser but also generate a lot of heat.  What Lightmatter is trying to achieve is phenomenal and if achieved might be the next revolution in Semi-Conductor Industry.

Lightmatter is trying to implement light based photonic chips, these chips run a beam of light through lenses which are able to control the state of the light arrays passing through it. This solution makes them lightning fast as the signals travel with the speed of light. These photonic chips are also said to be very less power consuming. However these solutions might not be available to mass use anytime soon, what the company initially is targeting is used in Data centers that have to crunch a lot of data for training AI-based systems.

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