Karamba Security won the Best Auto Cyber-security Product/Service of 2017

Karamba Security won the ‘Best Auto Cybersecurity ProductService of 2017’

Karamba security provides autonomous cyber – security solutions for autonomous and connected vehicles. The Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Service was awarded to them by TU-Automotive. In Novi, Michigan they won this by a unanimous decision of expert judges. Industry Engagement, Market Update, Innovation and User Experience were the parameters used to land at the decision.

Karamba Security’s work was appreciated by the panel as it was a manifestation of a new and interesting approach. There was a special mention of this product solving a concrete issue at a low cost.

Based on its factory settings, the software seamlessly protects the car and blocks attempts of hackers since they are different from those of the default settings. It was this innovative approach of Karamba Security that made them win the award. This approach will ensure safety of the consumer by avoiding the attacks at the initial stage of infiltration. No preventive method with zero false positives existed before this, Karamba Security has done something that was earlier questioned about its possibility. Now that it is known Karamba is the go-to organisation for enabling safe outcomes. They are experiencing a broad demand in the market and the award exemplifies the auto industry’s confidence in their approach. Ami Dotan, the CEO and co-founder of the company said that consumer safety would be their top priority and it would continue to provide its service with negligible performance impact.


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