The French government, in June this year, announced its decision to ban all non-electric vehicles from 2040. The UK government slated a similar law of banning the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars from 2040. Many carmakers are coming up With different timelines under this pressure to comply with such regulations and to keep up in the budding electric market.
In late June 2018, Volvo announced that it would drop the production of pure internal combustion engine vehicles from 2019. On the similar line, Jaguar Land Rover has become the biggest car maker to commit towards including, in each car after 2020, an electric propulsion element.

This means that JLR, which is a subsidiary of Indian automaker Tata Motors, will manufacture only electric or hybrid vehicles 2020. From that year, drivers will be able to buy any Jaguar car or Land Rover sport utility vehicles as an electric, plug-in hybrid or so-called mild hybrid, chief executive of JLR, said. Ralf Seth said that this would give their customers ‘even more choice’.
Jaguar’s first fully electric model, the Jaguar I-Pace SUV having a range of 500kms (310 miles) will go on sale from 2018 and Ralf Seth says that there are 25,000 orders for the vehicle’s already in line.

Jaguar I-pace, fully electric model, to on sale from 2018.

JLR also has its own fleet of concept ad’s prototype electric cars, this fleet includes an electric version of Jaguar E-type named as the E-type Zero that is based on a 1968 Series 1.5 Roadster, is famous to have a powerful powertrain that can zoom from 0 to 60 mph in mere 5.5 seconds.

Jaguar E-type is based on a 1968 Series 1.5 Roadste

At the car makers first of a kind Tech Fest in London, it plans to showcase the Jaguar I-pace and the futuristic virtual concept vehicle- the Jaguar Future-Type. The car according to the company, “explores mobility for the connected world of tomorrow, where vehicles could be shared, not owned”.
The car has a unique Artificial Intelligence steering wheel, named after its maker as ‘Sayer’, that is the first of its kind, intelligence activated steering while having the intelligence to carry out hundreds of tasks. Its advanced voice recognition software enables it to respond to your questions, feed you with news, even order your pizza and shopping for you.

JLR has also announced its drive to test autonomous vehicles on UK streets by late 2017. It has, under the collaboration with Gorillaz, hired a 1000 something software and electronic engineers to advance the development of autonomous and electric cars.

Jaguar E-TYPE

An automotive expert at Aston University, Prof David Bailey, said the company had been slow to wake up to electric vehicles. Jaguar are playing catchup – Tesla has stolen a chunk of their lunch, BMW is way ahead as well,” he said.
Having said that, this does not undermine JLR’s achievement in the electrification field and the UK car industry. Although JLR has had a slow start in the electric vehicle’s technology, the Jaguar I-pace gives it a head start putting it ahead of every carmaker, except Tesla, in the electric vehicles business.



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