Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka showcases indigenous driverless golf cart.

Infosys exhibits it's own autonomous car and sends a message that it would train it's employees on future technologies like the AI

Infosys Driverless Gold Cart

Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka arrived with great pride at his company’s Bengaluru headquarters in a driverless golf cart. The autonomous vehicle is the company’s indigenous project that was developed at it’s Mysore center.

“An autonomous vehicle for me and Pravin (COO) built right in Mysore @Infosys Engg Services! Who says we can’t build transformative technologies?” read a tweet by Sikka.
“It is our indigenously built autonomous golf cart. We are very proud of it. It was built entirely in our campus in Mysuru by our engineering services team and you know the future is about autonomy… The future is about automation Technology and AI technologies and every vehicle manufacturer is moving towards this,” Sikka told NDTV.
He added that the vehicle was a sign of the company’s cutting edge technology and that it’s meant to train other employees on advanced technologies like artificial intelligence. He said that the vehicle was a test bed that was built to train it’s engineers about autonomous driving technology. The vehicle is a product of the existing services being renewed on the lines of innovation and automation.

The driverless vehicle has sensors which help it to sense it’s surrounding environment and navigate without human inputs. The autonomous miracle can identify navigation paths, obstacles and road signage.

Sikka added that the company was strongly focusing on new age technologies like artificial intelligence and next generation analytics. He informed that the company’s 10 percent of revenues this quarter were sourced from new services and software.

Such developments are a source of pride for Infosys for companies like Google, Uber, Apple are experimenting with autonomous vehicles.

Infosys CEO arrives in a driverless cart.


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