To strengthen its competitiveness in core technologies of future vehicles, Hyundai Mobis has recently made a decision to invest in a promising startup in this field. The firm targets to evolve into a software-centered technology company by creating an extensive partnership with competitive vendors in the fields of future vehicles such as self-driving and connectivity. This month, Hyundai Mobis made an equity investment contract with StradVision, a Korean startup, which possesses a deep learning-based camera image detection technology. The firm is planning to invest 8 Billion Korean Won in this startup.

With this investment, Hyundai Mobis targets to work with StradVision for developing advanced camera detection technology essential to build safe self-driving systems. Cooperating with startups possessing favorable technology is also meaningful in terms of shared growth.

StradVision has developed a software solution that utilizes deep learning to identify pedestrians and even texts on road signs. Established in 2014, the ICT firm is equipped with experts specializing in software—the majority of its employees have Master’s or doctoral degrees.

The performance of the deep learning-based image detection technology developed by StradVision is considered as a top-notch in the field of front detection camera. The deep learning-based object detection technology is exceptional at precisely recognizing not only distant objects but also overlapped ones, it can differentiate one object from another for instance, between vehicles and pedestrians or between pedestrians and bicycles and utilizes those facts and figures as data for safe driving. It can also comprehend the movement patterns of vehicles and the posture of pedestrians and forecast a situation in advance. StradVision is also considered to be superior to other domestic and foreign firms utilizing deep-learning image detection technology when it comes to utilizing and creating a high-efficiency algorithm optimized for vehicles.

StradVision has 14 patents, which includes a method for rapidly reading texts embedded in images, fast parallel data processing and detection accuracy enhancement technology, with 10 of them having been registered in the U.S.

As an automotive supplier with an expert manpower and know-how, Hyundai Mobis is projected to make great strides in deep learning camera detection through technical synergy with StradVision.

With this investment, the firm intends to secure its own technology in camera following its achievement in radar. Giving attention to deep learning, which is the core of AI technology, the firm will attempt to gain a competitive edge over others in sensor technology for self-driving vehicle.

The deep learning-based image detection technology is drawing the spotlight especially as the machine learns accrued data and identifies answers by itself. In recent times, many companies are competing for evolving image detection technology based on deep learning. No one so far has been successful in commercializing this technology as of yet, and it is anticipated to take 4 to 5 years until its commercialization. Hyundai Mobis plans to develop a deep learning-based camera by 2020, and thus fortifying an unmatched competitiveness in sensor technology for self-driving.

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