Last week there was news pertaining to a collusion amongst German automakers. Here we have a scenario where those companies working together would benefit the drivers. HERE, the mapping expert is launching a service that pulls data aggregated from cars driving on the road.

It is a real-time service that uses sensors from cars such as Mercedes – Benz, Audi, and BMW which are actually running on the road to log the data. This makes HERE the first commercial traffic service, it is also one of its kind which will collect real – time information from carmakers competing with the same.

The companies involved in this are part owners of HERE. The mapping business commenced in 2015 by Nokia and was sold to the automakers as some sort of a joint venture. The real time service offered by HERE is out there for customers irrespective of their industry.

The company does boast about large improvements being made in terms of various features this includes traffic flow data, this service is catering to more than sixty countries across the globe.

Out of the sixty companies that HERE caters to, thirty of them have an additional support for Traffic Safety Warning Information. This feature, Traffic Safety Warning Information, will allow identification of incidents occurring on the road. This is as measured by hard – braking – data. Real – time notifications are provided to vehicles which could prevent further damage. Potential prevention of worsening incidents such as accidents can be accomplished using Traffic Safety Warning Information.

Commercial vehicles would also be added as data sources in the near future. HERE is in the process of including more commercial vehicles for data. These extra vehicles will help in the Real-Time Traffic function. This service is already in use with many vehicles being active on the road. Data from these active sensors come from cars belonging to companies like Mercedes – Benz, Audi and BMW.



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