Green initiative-India: Goa’s first electric bus hits the road

Goa First Electric Vehicle.

Hundreds of electric busses are moving on the roads of Panjim city, Goa for trial and if the trial is successful we can see them on the roads and soon they will cover the whole area soon. The bus will ply on different routes for the next one and a half months on trial basis. But for now, the rate for the electric bus is Rs4 per Km and de[ending on the success of the bus the rates may vary accordingly.

Various consultants have been hired to suggest the best routes for the busses. The consultant will study the viability of a metro or monorail in the state. The 12m, K9 model bus has been supplied to the Goa government by Hyderabad-based company Goldstone Infratech Ltd and is approximately priced at Rs 2.45 crore. The company is ready to give the buses to the state government to run on kilometer basis. The president of Goldstone Infratech Ltd claims that compared to diesel vehicles the running cost of the bus is very little.

The bus is 100% electrical with zero emissions. Each such bus will take about four hours to be completely charged and once charged will be ready to ply 250 kilometers at about 70 kilometers per hour. The buses come in two variations and have a seating capacity ranging from 31 to 39, in both types of buses. The ticket prices remain the same as other buses, as of now.

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Most of the nations have shifted to Fully electric vehicles to save petrol and diesel as far as public transport is concerned. Now after all this testing and trials the bus will be put to real work on the roads. In October 2016, Ashok Leyland was the first to develop India’s first ever fully electric bus, developed for India and made in India. These electrical buses are being manufactured at Viralimalai, Tamil Nadu and Alwar, Rajasthan.


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