Giant Rhino Chasing vehicles off the road

Rhino on a stroll.
You could say that this is an appropriate “this happens only in India” video. A huge rhino decides to take a stroll on a street in the north-east part of India. A rhino literally escapes the wild and takes a quick walk on the road before leaping into a field nearby. The cars on the road were terrified and tried steering their vehicle out of the way of the lost rhino. After a walk of few minutes, the rhino got blocked by a couple of cars on the road and then decided to walk into a field adjacent to the road. Surprisingly, the rhino did not loose it’s cool by all the cars and their noise and hence did not hurt anyone. It looks like the rhino and the people on the road took home once-in-a-lifetime story to tell.

Crazy Rhino chasing vehicles
Giant Rino Chasing vehicles off the road


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