The expectations of consumers from cars have changed greatly over the past few years. Nowadays it’s just not about traveling from Point A to point B, but it’s more of an experience. Car makers are trying to fill all pieces of Comfort, Driver assistance, Entertainment, and Safety to make each journey a wonderful experience, in future cars will just not be able to entertain but also provide interaction capabilities by using gesture, voice, and touch.

One of the concepts unveiled by Samsung in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 involves a highly interactive and futuristic infotainment system, since Merger of HARMAN into Samsung last year they are focusing more on connected technologies and high-end infotainment systems for automotive that leverages the expertise of both companies.

What is a Digital Cockpit?

A digital Cockpit is an advanced system that features a large display, advanced infotainment system, Virtual Assistant features, Cloud interaction, and can also integrate vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure Communications and much more, it can also have an integrated HUD or an Augmented reality System.

One of the examples of advanced digital cockpit solution is Samsung’s Digital Cockpit unveiled in CES2018. Samsung has strategized this product to create a unique platform for a personalized user experience. This digital cockpit not only has voice assistant but also all the modern features of an infotainment system. The Digital Cockpit takes ergonomics and communication inside a vehicle to a whole new level. It allows drivers to intuitively and safely interact with their in-car technology while allowing them to focus on roads ahead.


Some important features of Samsung’s Digital Cockpit System:

Cluster Display

It might look like a regular instrument cluster, but it is far more advanced. It is an OLED screen which provides driving information such as speed and fuel gauge readings, as well as infotainment features like navigation music etc. What makes it unique is that it is customizable. You can choose what you want it to display. It is located at the place of the instrument cluster that means it is well in comfort for the driver to look at while focusing on the road.

Center Information Display

It is a large OLED 12.3inch display which hides under the dashboard and shows up whenever you want it to. It provides a platform for basic apps such as navigation, music, and telephone. Also supports Bixby and a smart service optimized to the vehicle and provides an environment for running various 3rd party apps. Being fully customizable and movable, it is one of the most prominent features of the Digital Cockpit.

Passenger Display

Samsung and HARMAN have not only eased it for the driver, they have also taken care of the passengers. It provides optimal infotainment for passengers, such as multimedia and web search. As passengers are freer than the driver to be able to use infotainment features, the Digital Cockpit is equipped with a Passenger Display.

Mirror Replacement Vision System

The Mirror Replacement Vision System provides a front/back HD camera and display system instead of the physical side and rear-view mirrors. The system replaces conventional outside and indoor rear view mirror. The cameras detect objects and alert the driver. The indoor rear view mirror is replaced by a split screen which displays both rear side views and middle center. It gives a 3-split view of key moments such as parking and changing lanes.

Configurable Knobs

Above the control display, three circular knobs are installed for quick access. They can be configured to fit driver’s or passenger’s preference to perform any provided function. They also provide haptic feedback with display for better control and readability of the status of the particular features.


Here’s where the connected car experience comes into play. SmartThings is a specially designed IoT platform for the Digital Cockpit. It lets you control your home appliances such as the refrigerator and air conditioner while sitting inside the car! The cloud connectivity of home appliances with the Digital Cockpit allows you to tune your air conditioner before you reach home or see the inside of the refrigerator to know you are out of groceries or not.


The Digital Cockpit sets itself apart in the way users can interact with it. Bixby is an intelligent voice control that lets you control each and every feature of the cockpit by a set of recognizable voice commands. It also supports gesture control and everything is solely integrated into a single platform to enable integration of in-car features with voice assistant. It ensures maximum safety and minimum driver distraction off the road if the car isn’t running in fully autonomous mode.


Seeing the Digital Cockpit, it is anticipated that the future will see cars as an alternate living space. In a home away from home like this, you would be able to have much more control and connectivity with everything everywhere. It also opens to other  IoT platforms for a better connectivity over other devices and their use in an integrated form.

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