‘Autonomous Police cars’, the vision of Ford, which is capable of finding law-breakers, doling out tickets, and even waiting in hiding spots. When the control of a car is in the hands of a human there is a possibility of violation of laws, thus there will still be a need to police traffic.Ford’s vision for driverless police cars offer zero chance to flirt your way out of a ticket

The proposal gives various examples of how to police traffic can be advantageous, for example, it can give a speed detection system with the help of which it can catch the overspeeding cars and can give them a warning or such but it doesn’t say how.

Just like the real cops the car’s AI would also learn the most advantageous spots in which to hide to catch speeding drivers. Only autonomous cars don’t need to break for coffee and paninis.

The robocar would do anything to warn the offending vehicles to show their driver’s license and confirm their speed.  To identify the car which is offending the rules and to track the vehicle, the police vehicle would be linked to cameras, lights, and other sensors in the area.

A placid-looking robot joined the Dubai police force last year. It would be great to see Al and police team-up.

It’s not much likely that this kind of autonomous car will be seen on the roads in years since it is still a thought and many more things have to be worked upon. Besides the usual hurdles in creating an autonomous car, they would have to program this one to understand and be capable of enforcing any number of local traffic ordinances. Still, its nothing to get worried about much. The patent which is currently approved doesn’t specify anything that the cars can do anything the human police aren’t capable of doing (like hiding to catch speeders, taking pictures, or accessing other security systems remotely), so it doesn’t really have any advantage of replacing human police with the robocar.



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