Related imageSix months ago Ford and Mahindra announced that they will be working in a Joint collaboration and now they announced that they will be manufacturing SUVs together and will be jointly manufacturing and building electric vehicles, they will even share engines.
Mahindra and Ford were all over the news since the past few weeks when we heard about the collaboration between them and having their forces to produce electric vehicles and SUVs together. Ford and Mahindra are both two giant companies which will now be sharing the same platform and engines, as said earlier.
According to the reports coming out, there’ll be 3 new SUVs and an electric version of the Ford Figo Aspire. The reports also show that three out of the five proposed cars will be under the sub-four-meter mark. It is a segment where both of the companies did not have any huge success, but with the collaboration and potential, it might happen this time. Considering the almost exponential growth of this segment, both Ford and Mahindra stand to cash in on this in a big way.
In addition to these, there will be Mahindra’s SsangYong Tivoli which will have the Ford badge. Hyundai Creta would be a competitor to this for the mid-size SUV market. Then there will be Ford’s new C-segment SUV, based on Mahindra’s W601. The new W601’s platform will be developed jointly by Mahindra, SsangYong, and Ford. To make that less complex, both companies will market these products separately with separate badging as well as have identical bodywork.
However, the future of this alliance will be determined by the Ford Aspire. However, according to reports, the EVs are likely not to be on the cutting edge of the technology curve.

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