Recently Ford and Dominos teamed up for delivering pizza in Self-driving cars in and around Michigan. This move by Ford was done to understand the interaction of man and machine and understand what would be a better way to understand how customers will interact with the autonomous vehicle.

Ford Fusion Autonomous research Vehicle driven by Ford’s Safety engineer will be behind the wheels in both autonomous/manual driving. Ford and Domino’s team up to deliver Pizza to very select few customers in Ann Arbour Michigan, during checkout they will get an option of getting pizza by these autonomous vehicles.

This project is more of a research than a publicity stunt. The engineers in Ford are very keen on understanding the interaction of the autonomous vehicles with customers.

The features that this vehicle provides via Domino’s app are like you will get updates on the location of the delivery of pizza, The customer will get a 4 digit code that will be used to unlock a Heatwave-Compartment. Information to the users is relayed by speakers and screens on the exteriors of the cars. Some of the key aspects that Ford is looking for is the experience related to the last 50 feet of the position of the customer. The questions can be like how did the car interact with the screen outside of the vehicle to get food.

Ford plans to invest $1 billion in Argo AI, an artificial intelligence start-up. Ford also said as this was the first of the multiple partnerships between Ford and other companies.


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