Elon Musk concerned with the future of AI

He wants to make sure that the benefits are indeed benefits and not a blunder

Elon Musk


Musk does not want to halt the development of AI

Elon Musk, Founder – Tesla, showed his concern over the development of AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) on Wednesday in a conference call with Tesla investors. He also warned some U.S. governors about the risk involved with this technology. However, Musk expressed that he was not against the development of artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk is the co – founder and chairman of OpenAI, an organization dedicated to discover and enact a path to safer artificial intelligence. He is not advocating a halt of its development but he does want an organization to completely the risks that they welcome along with this technology.

Similar to the OpenAI goals, all Musk wants to do is set unambiguous standards for the development of artificial intelligence.


Alarmism Vs. Caution

Not all AI experts agree with the watchfulness Elon Musk advocates. Some of the researchers in this field expressed concerns when Musk gathered U.S. governors and seemed in an alarmist tone. The 2017 Beneficial AI Conference did witness the certain principles in the development of AI. These were Asilomar Principles and the guidelines set by the IEEE. All this with a view to develop ethically aligned AI.

During his call Musk said that he was positive about the benefits that AI could yield however he did end it on a note where he asked developers not to do something dumb. He wanted to make sure that the benefits are indeed benefits and not a blunder. The founder was concerned about the manner in which people put it (AI) to use.

OpenAI is not the only option Musk has to give humanity a chance to put up a fight. He has a Neuralink venture, aiming to meld the mind of humans with machines. Another solution is fleeing away to Mars and SpaceX is doing it’s best to accomplish this. Fleeing to Mars was considered as an option by physicist Stephen Hawking as an escape plan from an AI doomsday.


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