Electric cars would rule new car sales after 2025 : Predictions by Lee Ki-sang .

This could happen only if next-generation battery technology can be implemented.

Electric Car 2025
Electric cars would rule new car sales after 2025 Predictions by Lee Ki-sang .
Electric cars will surely dominate a part of the growing car market. The question which people cannot seem to understand is – How fast will this happen? At what rate?
As of now, electric vehicles contribute to a wee chunk of new car sales. A decade from now they would make a quarter of new car sales is what the analysts predict. Lee Ki-sang, Senior Vice President at Hyundai, has a different opinion. He thinks that this market will be dominated by electric vehicles as much as ninety percent towards the end of 2025. The constraint for this being if the battery technology could up-scale at that rate too.Lee says if by some means we procure a next – generation battery then the sales for electric vehicles could take a leap to 80 – 90 percent from 20 – 30 percent, in 2025.The means to procuring such a battery lies in technologies such as solid – state batteries, where the fluid like current Li – ion is replaced by a solid electrolyte. Another choice is that of Lithium – air where a combination of lithium, to pull electrons and oxygen, from the atmosphere. These technologies will help in creating energy densities much higher than than the existing ones.Hyundai is not the only automaker who is looking for a new battery technology affecting electric vehicles. In 2022, Toyota plans to launch a long range electric car which is powered by a solid state battery. Toyota announced its plan for this long range electric vehicle in a recent Reuters report.Lee also said that Hyundai will continue investing in the development of environmentally – friendly cars which run on lithium – ion batteries. They would also focus on other technologies such as – fuel cells, hybrids (plug-in and otherwise) and full electric vehicles


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