A worldwide recall of 850000 cars has been issued by Audi. These recalled cars are running on the V6 and V8 diesel engines. The recall is for cars in Europe and others, the exception being those in US and Canada. The main cause of it being an upgrade in software. Another reason is to avoid the ban of cars in Germany running on diesel.

These updates in software will help in improving the emissions encountered in a real driving situation. This task of updating would be carried out free of cost. Porsche and Volkswagen models will also be affected by this recall. However, it would involve only those models which are running on V6 and V8 engines. German Federal Transport Authority and the Federal Motor Transport Authority are being involved by the company to rectify the fix. The manufacturers will be complying and be providing their cooperation to the German authorities to rectify this issue.

Mercedes-Benz, another luxury car maker, has issued a recall in Europe. This recall notice was to reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions. The emissions were not within acceptable emissions limits and were not complying with the set norms. There has been a notice for the recall of two million vehicles issued by Mercedes-Benz. The company will be introducing a new diesel engine which will comply with the emission norms set by EU.

So far most of the automakers are equipping their cars with OTA(Over the air updates) so that all the necessary changes in the software can be taken up remotely by the OEM’s. This will also mean a lot of amounts saved in terms of the charges incurred by the company for each recall.



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