From Image classification to Self-driving the entire paradigm of transportation is changing. Deep Learning, Neural Nets, Machine Learning, AI is now the undeniable fact that they exist in now most of the modern cars. With self-driving cars being predicted as the next biggest market in near future many of the Software giants are collaborating with automakers to have the share the market. The future of cars are not just limited to engines and driving comfort but also assistance systems.

The new area which finds the application of the AI in automotive is Voice Recognition. We can just call Alexa and get most of the simple queries answered or events registered for home segment. Companies are looking to explore and see the applicability in automotive. We all know about Google, Uber, Baidu and other big brands into this race.

Recently Line Corporation, South Korean Internet search company will unveil services related to Automotive services. It’s been claimed that they are going to feature its AI engine “Clova” in next year in partnership with Toyota. One more project that they will be jointly working will be developing of a “smart device link”, this system will feature syncing of Phone with your car and vice-versa.

Samsung Electronics plans to release AI speaker in response to Apple and Amazon, the companies recently acquired Harman kardon which is automotive electronics manufacturer, Samsung is soon going to launch its AI engine “Bixby” which will provide voice services to cars with its AI engine.

AI services in Navigation and Voice are getting traction with most of the noted companies looking into mainstream applications creating a void for other applications which these companies are trying to solve. Kakao is also coming up with “Kakao Navi”  with voice enabled features. We might soon hear of a partnership of Kakao with any  automaker or they might soon release a separate product aiming at Automotive.


Tesla is also trying to update its current vehicle line compatibility to 5G network with “KT” joining hands. These company will set up 5G network enabled Tesla Electric Vehicles at first. We might soon see a service that enables users to play music with this network and have voice enabled features by adding AI engine”Giga Genie”.

AI speaker market is rising and companies are eager to try its applications in Automotive.


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