CLTi to Change the Way Automotive Operate in Ghana

Ghana automobile market to be digitized


Comfortable Life Technologies and Investment (CLTi) Ltd, an investment company in Ghana, is launching a service catering to the Ghanaian automobile market. It is a start-up which has launched an online service which will be delivered as Auto Dad. This deals to simplify the process of conducting business and making it more effective. It will be a platform for customers, service providers and dealers to come together and exchange their services.

Awareness about this launch was made on 91.3FM’s business show. It was disclosed on the 19th of July. Michael Katahena, the host, engaged with the company founder in Accra. The founder, Mr. Wellington indicated that the service was tailored keeping the automobile industry in mind. Locating service providers for automobiles, trading parts and automobiles on the web or comparing prices all of it can be done using the service. Real time information about traders, checking for pricing information and other related information about service providers and products can be availed from the same.

The sub-domain can be used to access the service. Auto Dad is the first of the four platforms to be implemented. It is the ideal platform for locksmiths, fuel retail outlets, washing bays and repairers to get a step closer to their clients. It was said so since the service is location-based and which will help people locate services in their vicinity in real time with ease. The main reason to pursue this idea was because the vast auto-industry in Ghana still lacks digitization, It can be used as a catalyst to enhance it with respect to service delivery.

The inability of consumers to access products or services without them being physically present will now become obsolete.  The start-up aims to make the world a better place by delivering services and products belonging to the automotive industry.


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