BAE Systems, which are known to provide world-class technology-led-defense, aerospace, and security systems have developed automated software which enhances mission effectiveness.

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These days, combat missions are fought using manned and various unmanned electronic software, vehicles which use various types of sensors to operate successfully, which further depend upon high-availability networks such as satellite communications and tactical data links. If these networks are interrupted, then the warfighters will be helpless and won’t be able to communicate with the others and would increase the risk of them being threatened during wars.

DBM(Distributed Battle Management), a semi-autonomous software, is a process of proving timely information to the warfighters when the network systems are not so strong so that they can contact air-to-air and from air-to-ground in the disputed environment. By providing the warfighters all the required information they can act upon with all the circumstances and consequences in mind and would help in data exchange whenever connections are available.

The lack of crucial information prevents the pilots to take some major decisions so they can adapt to combat scenarios. The DBM software delivers such decision aids which helps the operators and pilots to make an instant decision keeping the scenario in mind, the safety, and completion and thus provides with various options of what to do next.

DARPA(U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in the 11-day flight test demonstrated its capabilities for the new DBM in its 7 flight test for the first time. The test included various new software like the Anti-Access Real-time Mission Management System (ARMS) and the Contested Network Environment Situational Understanding System (CONSENSUS). The test included some live, simulation, and some simulation-only tests. Softwares which provides near real-time air-to-air and air-to-ground communication capabilities like ARMS were used in the test. CONSENSUS, a distributed situational understanding software, provides the pilots with weapon targeting guidance and mission awareness through a common operational picture by fusing raw data from multiple platforms and sensors.


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