Emirates seeks to collaborate with startups/companies on Self Driving Fleet and Cabin Crew Training through Dubai Future Accelerators programme.

Emirates Group has shown interest in technology that has so far lured automotive and automation companies, Emirates is seeking after artificial intelligence technology as a solution to the future needs of the company, to do so Emirates has shown interest by participating in Dubai Future Accelerator program and express their requirements.

Autonomous shuttle Dubai

Dubai Accelerator program: An initiative by Dubai Government for creating Dubai as a technological testbed for creating and testing new technologies. The aim of this program is to engage different government partners and entrepreneurs to innovate, design and create technologies of tomorrow. This program is run by Dubai Future Foundation, whose role is to guide Dubai in shaping the technologies of tomorrow in cooperation with the Dubai Government, partnering Governments and private companies

Emirates is eying for few areas like:

  • Automating airside operations by running driverless fleet for ferrying luggage/passengers to the aircrafts.
  • Artificial intelligence based Cabin Crew training.
  • Integration of Personalized needs of passengers like Meal selection,  chauffeur drive.
Emirates will be participating in a  9-week intensive program that pairs top companies & cutting-edge entrepreneurs to create breakthrough solutions. This 9-week program is divided into 8-stages, forming a platform for companies to interact and attend workshops. The stages are divided as:
  • Stage 1    Start – Introduction and knowing about the program

  • Stage 2    Discovery – Understanding each other.

  • Stage 3    Development –  Proposal definition.

  • Stage 4    Delivery –  Pitching proposals to stakeholders.

  • Stage 5  Feedback and iteration – Negotiation. 

  • Stage 6  Decision – Agree or Disagree to Continue.

  • Stage 7  Drafting – Agreement drafting.

  • Stage 8  Conclusion – Closing ceremony and delivery of projects.

Explaining the importance of aviation sector and its development , Shaikh Mohammad expressed his views about the initiative, recognizing the importance of development of aviation and its support to the other economic sectors and development of the UAE.

Its a matter of time before the awe-aspiring project comes close to the reality, as all eyes are set on the Emirates Airlines for their innovation and zest to break the barriers of belief and put forward creative services to amaze their passengers.

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