Autonomous Cars is now the turn key technology that most of the big companies are looking for, as the concepts are already proven and millions+ miles driven without hands on steering wheels, this technology seems to win the confidence of the public. Autonomous vehicles have seen the most innovative side of Automotive. People used to talk about general Automotive Electronics like Active Safety, Passive Safety, Engine Technologies, but now the interests are different every one is looking for a self driving kit in their car.

The effective strategy of generating curiosity and delivering a live demonstration with hands off the steering wheel seems to work for everyone, what it means to the people ‘is increased confidence’ and that in turn means more money in stock market.  It had been observed the biggest gains in stocks are during these live self driving car demonstrations by companies. For those who invest in market better assemble your Autonomous Vehicle driving portfolio for future returns.

The Big Q: Most of us would be under this impression that companies are still in investing mode and no companies has generated revenue out of it, you might be partly correct but there are companies who have already started reaping benefits and are at much higher technological pace compared to automotive electronics market leaders.

Few of the companies that have effectively placed their product for some key area’s and are now the becoming the default players for respective areas are:


Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA): Nvidia is an exceptional company which has succeeded in not only creating a hardware that supports most of  the architectures companies are researching but also making it blazingly fast. Its been said a single unit of Nvidia Drive PX2 is equivalent to 150 MacBook Pro’s. These Nvidia Drive PX2  are able to process all the camera’s Images around the car and also the Lidar and Radar data thus making it data churning machine that processes terra bytes of information. Nvidia’s plan to have a very strong base in this key hardware market is proved by looking at the partnerships. Nvidia has partnered with more than 50 OEM’s and more than 200 engagements with tier 1’s and other companies pursuing self driving car projects. Nvidia has also created a dependency by creating the fastest PC and architecture that is able to train the networks in learning phase. There is no competition to Nvidia for Nvidia DGX1 which is capable of processing at 960 TFLOPS thus accelerating the training speed by 3X.

Nvidia has already gone to production with several OEM’s like Tesla now with Toyota and Volvo in the partnerships we may soon see their self driving platforms on Nvidia Drivepx’s.

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC): Semiconductor leader Intel has joined this frenzy of developing hardware for autonomous vehicles. Intel plans to stay the market leader can be seen by their efforts in partnering with BMW, Delphi and acquisition of Mobieye. With intel already showcasing autonomous  vehicles in CES Intel seems to have very strong intentions to stay in automotive electronics market. Intel has an advantage of using their  IOT technologies in automotive to make things more interesting.



Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM): Qualcomm on the other side has grown more in automotive wireless communication used in self-driving cars.  NXP’s merger in Qualcomm is an another strategic link to see Qualcomm  enter Automotive Electronics segment for developing Autonomous car hardware. NXP has already developed BlueBox an alternative to Nvidia. NXP also sell radar, camera, ultrasonic sensors, and many other semiconductor used in building the platform. NXP’s V2X and NFC technologies along with Qualcomm’s 5g services will be killer combination allowing cars to run on low cost hardware and send all the data over wireless to Cloud thus further reducing the processing need inside the vehicle.


MediaTek (OTCPK:MDTKF): MediaTek is planning to launch low power SoC for Radar as MediaTek wants to scale more into this self driving competition. Media Tek is also looking to ADAS, Radar, Infotainment and Telematics as the core offering in this automotive electronics space. Media Tek also assures products complaint of automotive standards and is also looking to scale their presence into this self driving car technology.

Alphabet(NASDAQ:GOOG)(NASDAQ:GOOGL): Alphabet(Google’s) Waymo is a proven concept and were recently seen doing extreme environment testing of their autonomous vehicles. The company is the biggest company to have the largest data on Autonomous cars.  Google is looking into generating services that can be sold to OEM’s in the later stage. Google  might also come up with different maps for Autonomous Cars.

Infineon(OTCQX:IFNNF): The latest news in automotive was the first legal “Level 3”  autonomy vehicle Audi A8. This vehicle has compliance to all functional safety(ISO-26262) requirement for Autonomous technology. Audi Used Aurix platform by Infineon thus proving the competence Infineon is   trying to put forward in this domain.

Conclusion: Due to increased hype about the autonomous car technologies and investments companies are putting into making this reality definitely the portfolio will see a increased growth over the coming years unless things go really wrong in areas of security and Cybersecurity.  Realizing autonomous car projects also enable you with many competencies that can later be successfully  switched to other industries. Automotive Electronics market is getting much wider with increased scope of Microprocessors and GPU’S, the scope in software systems related to automotive also becomes wider with introduction of AI, thus marking it an ideal investment options.


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