Move Over Tesla: Lockheed Martin’s Autonomous Driving Product Soon To Guide Military Convoys

Autonomous Driving Product
Autonomous Driving Product

When all the other tech companies are focused on making fully autonomous vehicles to run on the US roads, Lockheed Martin is ready to showcase his driverless trucks into the battlefield. As per some source, US army is planning to replace soldiers with robots so as to increase efficiency. To make the army more safe, versatile, cheaper they are replacing the soldiers with robots specialized in logistics.


The goal of the Army and Marine Corps’ Autonomous Mobility Appliqué System (AMAS) program is to take active military vehicles and “roboticize” them to the extent that they can operate fully autonomously in both urban and rural environments.


Lockheed’s Autonomous Mobility Applique System (AMAS) has logged more than 55,000 miles in tests at two U.S. Army bases. The unit ran tests of vehicle convoys of six to eight self-driving troop vehicles across an artificial city built on the Fort Hood Army base in Texas. It’s done tests of massive dump trucks that can drive themselves around a giant mine, more safely getting material moved around in a dangerous setting.

AMAS is a suite of sensors, actuators, and controls designed to be installed on nearly any wheeled military vehicle, providing driver warning systems and autonomous driving functions designed to reduce the manpower needed to run convoys and reduce the risk of injuries and casualties from improvised explosive devices. During two years of field demonstration there, the vehicle withstood a live grenade in an attack and was able to find its own way back to base, as the source mentioned.


Tesla, General Motors, and many other companies are focusing on truly driverless technology, whereas these trucks are not yet tested for being fully driverless with navigation control and everything. It is basically focussed on cargo based vehicle convoys with the lead vehicle driven by a soldier. For now, Lockheed is focused on its military based customers. Lockheed Martin believes that the technology is ready to graduate from testing to deployment.


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