Autonomous ambiguity, these cars could make driving riskier.

Artificial intelligence will save lives by reducing accidents.

Autonomous ambiguity

Autonomous vehicles are expected to reduce our efforts involved in daily commuting. Apart from this we also expect them to save humans, since intelligent computers will be replacing stupid humans. People do not understand the working of this technology yet. Thus, in the short – term these cars could make driving riskier.

A term called ‘autonomous ambiguity’ has been coined by British auto insurance companies. This is not an abstract issue. Vehicles that do the driving for you are soon to hit the market. Companies like Cadillac, Tesla, Audi, Volvo and Mercedes – Benz are soon to unveil vehicles which will be accomplishing this task. The Association of British Insurers argued that drivers do not understand the limitations involved with semi – automatic systems. They believe that their car is capable of performing tasks it is not.
CEO of Thatcham Research, Peter Shaw, said that the number of short – term crashes could increase owing to autonomous ambiguity.

These semi – automatic systems, are somewhat basic when one compares it to a magical sedan which zips down the highway without any human intervention or input. These systems use a combination of adaptive cruise control and automatic lane keeping. Due to these features, the driver maintains a safe following distance and keeps the car within its lane. However, the usage f these systems has certain prerequisites, such as – reasonably good weather, clearly delineated lane lines and the most important requirement being attention of the driver if things go south.

Apart from this warning, the British insures are in favor of vehicle automation. They strongly support this concept and build on it saying artificial intelligence will save lives by reducing accidents. In the previous ear, around forty thousand people died on US roads, this figure is rising.

There will soon be a day when your car will be drive better than you do. Until then, people need to keep in mind that semi – autonomous vehicles are capable of making mistakes.


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