Apple is reportedly making collaborations with automotive technology leaders to pursue their driverless car project. Apple announced officially in 2013 about its interests in Self driving vehicle but soon confirmed the scope limited to autonomous driving software only.

As per reports Apple has started working with China’s Amprex Technology ltd based on a confidentiality agreement. Both the companies are reportedly working in the field of batteries. This news was reported by Shanghai based Yicai Global on Thursday.

This Chinese company is already one of the supplier of the Apple’s consumer products. So far Apple has not commented or disclosed any news about the collaboration and CATL also denied validity of this news.

Apple’s car project named “Project Titan” is working on one of such platform in Cupertino headquarters, though it was felt that apple had many setbacks with respect to leadership and resources but its not clear that how close is apple to building an actual driverless car. Though its not clear as Apple has been reportedly using many SUV’s for testing their Autonomous car technologies, Apple has asked California DMV for allowing them to test their self-driving tech on roads.  Its very unclear that how strong its pursuing to develop their own independent car as was hinted in beginning.


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