The luxury automotive industry was supposed to be redefined by Fisker Automotive. The Karma plug-in hybrid sedan did promise to lead this industry to a future which is electrified. It did suffer a fall but is recognized as a design icon.

Recalls and a financial turmoil of six years led the company to bankruptcy. Henrik Fisker, the founder, was left to witness a scenario of others taking control of the electrified vehicle market. A decade has gone by and he is back with a new company called Fisker Inc.

This is a rare thing in the car industry. The vehicle to be launched is called EMotion. This is an all-electric sedan which is equally distinctive. It will compete alongside the Tesla Model S. Exterior images of the car were released by Fisker this year. It showcased the doors opening upwards and the car plans to be released late September.

The sedan production will commence towards the end of 2019. EMotion is expected to be priced around $129,000. The car is said to have a top speed – 161mph. rapid charging capabilities and 400 mile-plus electric range. The rapid charge will allow 125 miles in 9 minutes.

There will also be an electric vehicle which would have an affordable pricing. This will be committed after the EMotion. This new car would probably be mass produced. It will also feature range lnger than its predecessor.

The company, Fisker Inc. is still looking for a manufacturing partner. This partner will deal with production and terms would be finalized soon. They plan to have an in house assembly plant by year end. This formula of releasing a car for the mass market after the high-end one was his previous model too. The old company is now known as Karma Automotive. It was acquired by Wanxiang Group, in 2014.


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